Flying High

An "Out of This World" View

Gloria Nelson

2/8/20243 min read

above-cloud photo of blue skies
above-cloud photo of blue skies

“And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

Revelation 22:7

Growing up, almost everyone I knew was a Christian. There was only one family in our neighborhood that I knew didn’t go to church. I remember as a child, looking at their house, perplexed that a whole family would not have any interest in knowing God. It seemed so strange to me.

Of course, as I grew up, I came to understand and appreciate that there were many points of view in the world. But, it has still remained a bit of a mystery to me that people are not more curious about God. From a rational perspective, it seems so obvious that this world and all living things in it were created by someone pretty amazing and “Out of this World”.

I’m flying on a jet as I’m writing. My awareness of soaring through the air, at high speeds, while relaxing in comfort (albeit a bit squished comfort), leaves me in awe of a God that made a world where this is possible. He created beings that are intelligent and curious enough to discover His laws of physics and to apply them toward inventions like this. I am sitting in a chair, high in the sky, like a bird, zipping through the air. How can this be? Astounding!

Have we become so dull to the wonders of this world that we can no longer imagine the kind of eternal being that would have been able, and willing, to create this world? We are literally moving about in the most beautiful piece of artwork ever created. We shouldn’t miss that!

Though we have created much trouble for ourselves, still, the world is beautiful. We get to experience rainbows, puppies, and newborn babies. We get to hug and laugh. We get to learn and grow. We can discipline ourselves so we achieve success and purpose. We get to be creative through cooking, painting, skiing, inventing, problem-solving, and on and on.

Don’t miss the inherent joys of this world. Even as a loved one lies dying, our brains can take us on a journey of mind-movies that remind us of how much their life has meant to us. Whether it’s short or long, hard or easy, each life is a clue pointing to God. Every soul is eternal. It will someday leave this world and join the afterlife. We will either spend eternity with a loving God, sharing in inconceivable perfection, OR spend eternity separated from God and others. A darkness that is, in turn, inconceivably horrific.

If we choose ourselves in this world, that’s all we will have in the next. We will find ourselves alone, but not before seeing the truth of God. To see the beauty of God, to know His love, and to know how hard He tried to get our attention, and then realize that our rejection of Him was a catastrophic mistake, will be beyond heartbreaking.

Though we find ourselves living in a post-Christian society, each of us must make a decision for, or against, Jesus Christ. Everything after that is relatively insignificant. In any argument, we must choose a side. When choosing sides in sports, we want to be on the winning team. We know that one team will win, while the other will lose. Now is the time to consider how you want to live your life here on earth, and how you can have an enduring impact for all of eternity.

The crazy, amazing thing is that when we choose Jesus and spend the rest of our lives getting to know and honor Him, our joy, peace, and love increases beyond what can be explained. I can tell you this because I decided to follow Jesus many years ago. Though the years have brought peaks and valleys, celebrations and losses, knowing He is with me, and for me, has brought deep security and hope. I know I’m on a supernatural jet headed to Paradise. There will be turbulence, but I’ll get there safely. And, upon landing, The Light of the World will be there waiting for me. He will take me to meet my Heavenly Father.

Hope to see you there!

Gloria Nelson

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Psalm 107:2